I’m a Native American artist (Navajo) working in mixed media. My work always seems to be evolving. I don't know if it's because I love the challenge of pushing the creative energy or just that there are so many ideas rattling in my head and usually not enough time to get it all out into the world. One thing I never do is work when I'm not in a good head space. I don't like the negative energy seeping into my work.
I live for the moments when I turn into a trance state of mind where the pieces just flow without any thought or effort. It’s all part of my art making process. As I grow more into having the energy from the other side help me create I'm finding myself encouraging it more to be part the process.
I’ve always gravitated towards art that you can view beyond the surface so I work mostly with encaustic and resin. Both let the viewer see into the piece beyond the surface which I love. Using both allows you to see it's depth, like looking into its soul.

I’m showing my work at The Encaustic Art Institute, Algodones Art Gallery in Algodones and Calliope Fine Art Gallery in Madrid, New Mexico. 
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